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It’s easy to pretend that we don’t have a dependence on our phones, when it’s clear we do. Consistent access has become important in today’s society. We communicate with our phone but we also complete tasks. It’s our portable mini computer.

Because phones are so important to us, what happens when the battery dies? It can be a panic-inducing experience, especially if you’re out and about and need it for navigation or communication. 

This is why it’s necessary to keep cell phone charging accessories handy. Do you have your phone charging accessories in your bag? Is there a charging station with accessories nearby? If we don’t have access, we are frantically coming up with strategies to get our phones charged. We might become instant detectives, clocking people within sight who are a) likely to carry a charger that b) is the right brand for our phone, and c) they would be the type of person willing to share. It’s a deeply uncomfortable experience.

The best possible way to fix this problem is to make sure you’re the person who’s prepared.

There are two major times when it’s important to keep your phone charged: when you’re working and when you’re traveling/commuting.

Keeping Your Phone Charged at Home or Work

charging cables - phone charging accessories

Your phone is your lifeline to family members and colleagues, so even when you’re at home or work it’s important to keep it charged. Homes often no longer have landlines to keep communication open and so keeping your cell phone charged becomes essential.

Work is another story. Say you’re enthralled in a project, or you’re walking around the office checking in on people, or maybe you have a day of meetings, and your phone dies. It shouldn’t be an issue, right? You’re at work and have a landline. The problem is you might miss important phone calls or messages. We often use our cell phones to communicate and because of that, they are often a go-to source of communicating with us as well.

Therefore, it’s important to have your home and workspaces equipped with charging accessories to keep your gadgets ready.

Charging Accessories

charging stand for phones

It might be smart to equip your desk or workspace with a charging stand for phones. Remembering to plug in your phone might be easier if your phone has a designated spot. This could be especially useful if that designated spot adds to the aesthetic design of your workspace. It’ll also help hold your phone steady if you need it for video calls, if you want to record a video for training or social media, and more. A charging stand is a great addition to any workspace.

In pursuit of almost the opposite philosophy, keeping an extra-long charging cord at your desk is still a great idea. Especially if you find yourself standing up and moving around when you use your phone. A long charging cable makes that easier, and if you get a cable that comes in a cute color then you don’t have to feel like it’s something you have to hide in a drawer all the time.

flyport usb hubs

Sometimes you need more charging ports. You may have to unplug your phone charger because you need to charge your Bluetooth device. Or, maybe you are a USB port short if you need to plug in your ring light, or other desk accessory. USB port management can cause issues. However, this can easily be solved with the addition of a cute USB hub. You don’t need to worry about USB port management as much if you just have more ports. This one has four.

Make your workspace into a place where phones stay alive, not a place where batteries go to die.

Keeping Your Phone Charged While Traveling or Commuting

While it might be inconvenient if your phone’s battery dies while you’re at home or in your workspace, it can downright ruin your night if your phone dies when you’re out. Phones have your plane tickets, event tickets, and more. They are often used for navigation so you know how to get somewhere. You might even use an app to pay for everything. When your phone dies, it can be a nightmare!

traveler power bank - phone charging accessories

The smart move to prevent that headache is to keep a traveler power bank, or another cute power bank like this compact mirror power bank, with you. Keep one in your car or in your bag. If you have a power bank and a charging cable with you at all times, you’ll never find yourself out in the urban wilderness without your trusty cell phone there to help.

compact mirror power bank

Organization Rocks

Your bag and desk drawers are full of cables. To deal with that tangle of charging cables, it’s also useful to keep a cord organizer. A cord organizer is useful for keeping tidy and it’s important for travel. It’s a big problem if you get to your destination without the cables you need for the gadgets you brought.

charging kit

You can also keep it simple by getting a charging kit that includes everything you need to charge while you’re on the go.

Multitasky provides charging accessories for your workspace and for travel. Browse tech accessories and must-have travel accessories.

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