How to Evaluate Opportunities

How to Evaluate Opportunities - Multitasky

It’s officially “try to do everything all at the same time” season! As you embrace this new and exciting January, you’re probably being surrounded by goal-setting workshops and ambitious resolutions. And while a solid vision board is on our must-have list, saying “yes” to every opportunity is not.

It can be tempting to turn to “doing everything” when it comes to elevating your business. But your time each day is finite (and very valuable). That’s why it’s important to distinguish between a fluff project vs. what will bring tangible results to your business. There are LOTS of opportunities out there for you. Seriously, for entrepreneurs, business opportunities are like a well-stocked candy store. It can be tough to filter out all the opportunities to figure out which ones are the best fit for you at this time.

That’s why we wrote out 3 questions that you should ask yourself every single time an opportunity walks through the door. If all of these questions are a “Yes!” this opportunity will turn into an exciting project. If they’re all a “No way!” then it’s best to walk away. If you get a combination of both, then do a deep dive into where you are and analyze which of the three questions hold the most weight for you right now.

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Ultimate desk pad for evaluating opportunities

1. Does it support your long-term goals?

You have a personal mission. Even if it seems unclear to you, there is a reason why you’re getting out of bed and doing what you’re doing. This purpose moves you forward. It pushes you to become the person you to be. If you’re presented with an opportunity that’s pulling you away from this core mission, then it will just serve as a distraction.

Supporting your long-term goals

2. Is it an efficient use of your time?

Time is money, but it’s also time. You are a valuable individual, and you can choose to put your energy into many different baskets. If this opportunity is for your business, see if it pays well or is an easier project. If you can bang it out quickly or achieve your financial goals -- that’s a much better opportunity than one that will suck hours out of your day for little return.

Evaluating your timeline for maximum productivity

3. Does the idea make you excited?

While goals, finances, and productivity are should never neglect your heart. When you’re passionate about something, it flourishes. If you can’t stop gushing about a new idea to your network, you’re meant to pursue it. Pay attention to that love in your heart because usually, that’s where you’re meant to go.

Being excited about long term goals as a female entrepreneur

Once you do some soul searching with the above questions, make a decision and go for it! Trust your analysis and say “yes” to scary opportunities that excite you. Let yourself walk through open doors (or open them yourself!). You can do this! 

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