Building a Business From Scratch - Multitasky

Building a Business From Scratch

I wanted to multitask a career, so I started a brand with multi-talented items that encourage women entrepreneurs to pursue ALL of their goals and not pick and choose to fit into a box. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, here are the steps I wish someone told me while I was starting out. Building a business is definitely tough, but I know you can do it.
How We're Celebrating AAPI Month - Multitasky

How We're Celebrating AAPI Month

With the coronavirus prejudice and violent attacks, the AAPI community has had to find strength and come together during these tumultuous times. We’re celebrating the stories of our AAPI team members but also the incredible resilience they’ve shown during this challenging year.
Finding Balance - Multitasky

Finding Balance

Here is Multitasky's ultimate list for creating a life filled with balance, positivity, and love.
6 Steps to Create a Productive Workspace at Home - Multitasky

6 Steps to Create a Productive Workspace at Home

It’s easy to jump from spot to spot at home and get distracted by counter clutter, home responsibilities, and not feeling in the mood to work. That’s why establishing a dedicated work area is crucial to your success.
How to Evaluate Opportunities - Multitasky

How to Evaluate Opportunities

It’s officially “try to do everything all at the same time” season! As you embrace this new and exciting January, you’re probably being surrounded by goal-setting workshops and ambitious resolutions. That’s why we wrote out 3 questions that you should ask yourself every single time an opportunity walks through the door. 
What Being Fearless Means - Multitasky

What Being Fearless Means

Often, as entrepreneurs, we’re being told to throw fear out of the window and just launch. While constant overthinking and doubting yourself will hold you back, fear is not something to completely shun. Being fearless doesn’t literally mean you never feel afraid when making a big just means that you don’t let that fear stop you from reaching your full potential.