Finding Balance | Multitasky

Finding Balance

Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Let them remind you just how amazing you are.
Packed With Love By Moms | Multitasky

Packed With Love By Moms

We love our fulfillment team! Next time you receive a Multitasky package, remember that it was packed for you by one of our awesome mompreneurs.
Manifest Magic with the 2021 Manifestation Kit | Multitasky

Manifest Magic with the 2021 Manifestation Kit

Manifestation is when you set an intention and then turn that intention into reality by aligning your thoughts and beliefs with your end goal. Allow the Manifestation Kit to ground you and support you while you set powerful intentions.
What Being Fearless Means | Multitasky

What Being Fearless Means

Often, as entrepreneurs, we’re being told to throw fear out of the window and just launch. While constant overthinking and doubting yourself will hold you back, fear is not something to completely shun. Being fearless doesn’t literally mean you never feel afraid when making a big just means that you don’t let that fear stop you from reaching your full potential.