What Being Fearless Means

What Being Fearless Means - Multitasky

As entrepreneurs, we’re often being told to throw fear out of the window and just launch. While constant overthinking and doubting yourself will hold you back, fear is not something to completely shun. Being fearless doesn’t literally mean you never feel afraid when making a big decision...it just means that you don’t let that fear stop you from reaching your full potential.

Letting go of fear and achieving your full potential

When nerves start to boil up inside of you, sit with them. Think about what it is that you’re scared of. Are you scared of failing? Are you scared that your launch won’t succeed? Are you scared that you’ll be seen as too successful? It’s easy to group fear as this big overlying emotion, but realistically there is usually one specific thing that worries you. By pinpointing your worry, you can identify it quickly and figure out if it is warranted hesitation or just pesky doubt.

Pinpointing roadblocks and fears to allow for entrepreneurial success

And just like any skill, you can practice fearlessness. Here is a list of 5 daily practices that can improve your relationship with risk and encourage you to be more decisive in your life. Grab The Standing Cork Bulletin Board and pin reminders to incorporate these 5 practices into your day.

  1. Evaluate your prices and see if what you’re being paid truly helps you build the long-term business you are looking to create.
  2. Say “Yes” to opportunities that excite you, even if they aren’t always the most stable choice
  3. Celebrate when you feel fearful but still push forward (even the little events!)
  4. Encourage your friends to take business risks
  5. Read inspiring stories of other female entrepreneurs who channeled their fear into courage
Channeling your fears into success

    No one is ever truly fearless. Plenty of courageous business owners still feel that hollowness in their stomach when they’re making a big decision. Your goal shouldn’t be to give up fear. If you can stand up for what you believe in, trust your ability to write your own life story, and launch into something that you’re passionate about...that’s the victory. And we know that you have this ability within you!

    Female entrepreneurs finding productivity and motivation

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