How To Organize Your Office Desk

How To Organize Your Office Desk - Multitasky

Your desk reflects your state of mind.

Your desk is one of those inventive spaces where ideas spring to life. For many, it’s an extremely important place. Yet, it’s likely overflowing with electronics or maybe papers, depending on your needs. Because there are so many different things that can wind up on your desk, organizing it can feel overwhelming. But we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few tips on how to organize your office desk.

how to organize your office desk - laptop and desk accessories

Before you organize your desk, throw away anything you don’t need. You’ll reduce clutter from the start. Put items you don’t use often in drawers, or if your desk doesn’t have drawers, you can use baskets. Clear off everything so you can create a new arrangement. You’ll want your most-used items front and center and your lesser-used items pushed back and to the corner. Choosing how to organize your desk aesthetic is entirely up to your personal preference. But be sure it has a bit of you in it. Desks can have some flair. They don’t have to be boring.

Let’s explore some specific tips and helpful desk accessories that will have your desk looking and feeling its best in no time.


How To Organize Your Office Desk

1. Cable Management Skills Rock

usb hub

We’re going to guess that your desk has at least a few cords on it. That’s inescapable. Know what cramps the style of a tidy desk, though? Constantly trying to figure out which cable is plugged in where, and having cords crossing in all directions. It would work way better if you could keep all your cables plugged in around the clock and in one place. Using something like this cute USB hub keeps your desk aesthetically pleasing while allowing you to have lots of cords. Cable management is a good thing.


2. Phones Should Be Charged At All Times

phone stand and charger

Your phone is such a huge part of your life and you often rely on it, even if you’re working on your computer. Nothing has the potential to throw off a work day like discovering that your phone’s battery is at three percent. Tidiness isn’t the only measure of a well-organized desk. Usefulness is a big part of proper organization. Keep yourself from forgetting to charge your phone with a cute charging stand for phones. You’ll not only be able to use it when you need it,  but the stand will also allow you to record videos or host calls. It’s hands-free perfection.


3. Crumbs Are Crummy

mini desk vacuums

When you work long days, you probably snack at your desk. This means you probably have some crumbs scattered. Because you’re there a lot, you’re also probably wondering where all those dust bunnies came from. You could keep paper towels on your desk, but that’s not quite as effective–or fun–as a desk vacuum. Cleanliness is a top priority.


4. Your Desk Needs Pockets Too

desk pad

There just aren’t enough pockets to go around. Often little items don’t have a place to live. It’s time to change that. An organized desk has pockets for pens, sticky notes, calendars, and paper clips. Get yourself a work pad, and give your desk the pockets it deserves.


5.  Matching Accessories

rose gold supplies

A uniform aesthetic helps create the impression of an organized workspace. You can’t go wrong with coordinating rose gold office accessories. Rose gold looks good with everything.


6. Classy Paper Clips

rose gold multi clips

And, while we’re at it, aesthetically pleasing multi-clips will help keep your paper stacks organized. We may be moving into a post-paper world but very gradually. Since you likely have some papers as part of your workflow, you should at least have classy paper clips. These rose gold paper clips can certainly elevate your vibe.


7. Encourage Good Note-Taking

motivational sticky notes

A big aid to an organized desk is finding items that are multifunctional, because then you need fewer tools. In theory, sticky notes only have one job. They are there to jot down a quick note. However, motivational sticky notes are also there as encouragement. Who needs to post affirmations all over your desk when you have motivational sticky notes? Use items that do more than one job to remove clutter.


8. More Light Is Never A Bad Thing

clip on lamp

A large desk lamp can take up too much room. Yet, more light in your workspace is always a plus. Using a clip-on bendy lamp makes it easier to shine a light exactly where you need it. Then you can take it away when you don’t need it.


9. A Simple Trick To Improve The Comfort Of Your Desk

laptop stand

Comfort is a big part of an improved workflow. An organized desk isn’t just tidy, it’s also more useful. Many of us work with laptops and, let’s face it, laptops are not the most comfortable tools. A foldable laptop stand vastly increases the ability to work for long periods of time without hurting your neck and shoulders.


10. Plan Effectively


One way to keep an organized workspace is to reduce how many pieces of paper you have floating around. An everything notebook will give you somewhere to keep track of upcoming appointments, centralize your notes from past meetings, and generally keep your thoughts organized.


11. Keep One Bag of Essential Stuff

vegan leather laptop bag

Make a list of your essential gear–the stuff you need access to no matter where you go. Then get a good bag. Our vegan leather laptop bag is a great bag to have tucked away. Keep any notes or gear you will need for meetings in that bag rather than cluttering up your desk. If it’s something you’ll need to take with you, it doesn’t necessarily need to be on your desktop.

Did we give you some ideas? Even implementing one or two will help your desk be a more comfortable and beautiful place to work.

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