Personal Fans and Misters To Keep You Cool When It Gets Hot

Personal Fans and Misters To Keep You Cool When It Gets Hot - Multitasky
Spring is in the air, which can only mean one thing: summer is hiding behind that tree over there. Pretty soon things will start heating up. Are you prepared for that? Do you know where your sunblock is? When was the last time you stocked up on ice? 

Most importantly, do you have a personal fan? It’s sometimes referred to as a personal travel fan but that doesn’t mean it needs to travel that far. “Travel” can indicate across the room to refill your iced tea. Or, you might actually travel with it to a theme park or a zoo, or a park. A personal fan is a perfect thing to have no matter how far—or not so far—you want to go. Comfort can be inexpensive and can come in cute packages. We’ll show you what we mean.

You might find the whole season a lot more fun if you have a tiny bit of control over your temperature. No one wants to sweat for too long. We’re here to help fix that.

Here are a few of our favorite tools for helping you to keep your cool when things are heating up:

Personal Fans and Misters

Mini Camera-Shaped Necklace Fan

camera fan necklace - personal fans

As a fashion accessory, miniature, personal fans have two major drawbacks. First, you typically have to hold them. And second, they look like, well, fans, which aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. While a personal fan might keep you cool, they can be so much more! Our necklace fan hangs around your neck and blows a refreshing breeze. But, instead of looking like a fan, it’s an adorable little camera. Win-win!


Mini Portable Nano Facial Mist Sprayer / Mirror

mini face mister

Meet your new best friend: a mini face mister. This useful gadget is refreshing in a dry world. It's small and portable so you can take it anywhere you go. Spritz yourself anytime you need it–after a workout class, in the hot sun, or on a walk. Give your skin a wonderful glow with nano-fine mist. There’s also a mirror built into this personal mister so you can see your radiant skin’s glimmer. Gorgeous!


Portable Neck Fan + Power Bank + Phone Stand PRO (with Display Screen)

portable personal fan

One of our favorite things is when a gadget looks cute and does as many jobs as possible. This portable personal fan has three jobs. It’s a folding travel fan that collapses into a ninety-degree angle. It’s also a power bank that carries a 3000 mAh charge, so it can charge any phone or other electronic device. Plus, it also serves as a phone stand. So when you’re not wearing this hands-free gadget or using it as a fan, it will hold and charge your phone. Pretty nifty!

Multitasky has warm weather gear and travel accessories that are cute and (fun)ctional! Browse must-have travel accessories here.


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