Journaling Accessories That Inspire You To Journal

Journaling Accessories That Inspire You To Journal - Multitasky
Journaling is good for you. There are mental health benefits, like improving your emotional intelligence and boosting your confidence. Journaling helps in goal setting, and goal setting helps in goal achievement. The benefits of journaling are many and, what’s more, the medicos agree. There’s science behind it. (USA)

Starting and maintaining a consistent journaling habit helps you receive the most benefits from journaling. That would be great, right? All you have to do is stick with it. We aren’t psychologists, but we think that’s pretty cool and super important. Trying to talk you into starting good habits for your mental health would be a cool side gig, but it isn’t what we specialize in.

Instead, our specialty is providing cute, useful gear that help you reach your professional, beauty, and travel goals. In our experience, when you have the best tools for the job you need to do, it makes that job easier and more exciting. If you’re equipped with the best journaling accessories, it might make journaling feel like a more attractive way to spend your time. Our cute, aesthetic journal supplies are practical and motivational.

As a bonus, some of our journaling supplies even come ready-built with journaling ideas! We won’t leave you without inspiration to get started.

Here’s a list of our favorite journaling accessories. Take a look.

Journaling Accessories

Vegan Leather Organizational Notebook/Journal A5/A6

vegan leather notebook

Some days, the best time to journal is just whenever you have a few minutes to do it. However, the biggest deterrer of that opportunity is a shortage in equipment. You have your notebook, but you forgot a pen. Maybe you remembered your pen, but you don’t have your rewards card to your favorite coffee shop. Our notebook journal fixes potential journal-sabotaging problems. This cute vegan leather notebook has all the accessories. It has a zipper pouch, a card organizer, a spot for sticky notes, and a ruler, and it comes with a sweet metal pen. It’s the perfect notebook to carry around the whole day, whether you’re taking notes, sketching designs, keeping your schedule, or using it for its best purpose: journaling. And, if you run out of paper, no worries. Just replenish with these planner refills


Everything Notebook B5

everything notebook

For serious journallers only! Just be prepared for a notebook that may be the notebook equivalent to Bear Grylls’ multitool. We call it the “everything notebook” for the simple reason that it includes pretty much everything you need in a day. It has slots for your ID and credit cards. You can store a pen, cash, and a ruler in it. Those are just our suggestions, of course. You can make your own decisions about the exact items to take with you. One of the best things about this loose-leaf notebook is the waterproof, vegan leather cover, made to protect your important notes from unexpected wet scenarios.


Minimalist Metallic Ink Pen

metal ink pens - journaling accessories

The quality of the pen changes the pleasure of writing. If you have a cute pen, you’ll always want to use it. This minimalist, metal ink pen's sleek design will feel good in your hand. You will want to write just to get a chance to hold this pen. If that’s the only motivation you have to do some journaling today, well, it’s a start.


Japanese Pilot FriXion Erasable Tricolor Pen

Japanese Frixion Tri Color Erasable Pens - Journaling Accessories

For people who need that extra layer of organization in their journaling experience, this tri-color pen writes in black, blue, and red. Not all at once, though. You can choose between the colors, which is perfect. Organize your notes by subject at a glance. And, if you don’t like said notes, that’s okay, just erase. Tri-color pens were what the cool kids had in the ‘90s. Remember that? But this pen design is updated and sleek.


Conquer My Day Motivational Pen (with 5-pack ink refill)

conquer my day pen

Pens can be slackers. Have you ever noticed that? They seem like they do a lot of work, but really they rely on you to come up with all the ideas yourself. We think it’s high time that pens pull their weight. For that reason, we suggest getting this motivational pen. This cute pen motivates you to start writing.


Cute Motivational Sticky Notes

There are two things that make journaling better: organization and motivation. We love a two-for-one deal, so we thought, let’s have something that does both. These inspirational sticky notes come in cute colors. Each one has an encouraging message on it to motivate you to start. That sounds like a good idea, right? That’s because it’s an item that inspires!


Clampy Bendy Lamp

clampy bendy lamp

With its flexible neck and cute array of pastel colors, this lamp is the perfect accessory for a journaling nook. Shine a light on your good ideas with our bendy, clip-on lamp. It’s easily movable between your desk, bed, and couch, so you can write where you’re comfortable.

Let these journaling accessories inspire you to go write. Go expand your mental and emotional well-being. We’re rooting for you!

Multitasky provides journaling accessories, feminine desk accessories, must-have travel items, and more. Shop aesthetic items here.

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