It’s Goal-Crushing Time! Happy 2022 from the Multitasky Team

It’s Goal-Crushing Time! Happy 2022 from the Multitasky Team | Multitasky

Did you break open champagne? Watch the ball drop? Have a magical moment? 


We’re so excited for you this year for many reasons. 


Reason #1: We can’t wait to see you manifest everything that your 2021 self is dreaming of.


Reason #2: We live for New Years Resolutions around here!


So, we thought we’d give you a little step-by-step process so you can create great ones.


Planning for the new year as a female entrepreneur   

1. Think Big Picture

What do you want to accomplish this year? Even if it scares you, say it. Put it out in the universe. This is your big resolution. The one you’re going to revisit every month. One way we love committing to this big goal is creating a word or a theme for the year. So let’s say you want to finally quit your day job and go full time in your biz. Your theme of the year could be “LAUNCH” or “TRUST”. 

Use our newly launched Conquer Your Day Planner Sheets to plan out the blueprint to achieving your big dreams.


New products for multitasking and productivity for female entrepreneurs


2. Create Action Steps 


Big picture can’t be everything. Your theme is great for centering your intention, but you need to make it happen. What would it take for you to accomplish your resolution? List out everything you need to do and be specific. For our last example, you might want to save some money, hire a business coach and get 3 clients a month before you say ‘bye’ to corporate life.

Use the Daydreamer Rose Gold Office Set to write down your plans & to-dos.


The ultimate desk set for female entrepreneurs


3. Repeat 3 Times 


Everyone says “focus on one thing at a time” but we’re balanced, multi-passionate women over here. Make sure you create goals for every aspect of your life. If your big goal was work-related, think about personal growth, health, relationships, family, spirituality and lifestyle resolutions that are probably equally as important.


Now, pull out your Feel Good Writing Set and let’s make big things happen for you. 


The best notebook for female entrepreneurs


Cheers to an amazing new year. 



The Multitasky Team 

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