The Importance of Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

The Importance of Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs - Multitasky

Supporting female entrepreneurs and promoting community over competition has been growing in popularity for the past few years now, and to that, I’m saying...thank goodness! As a female entrepreneur myself, I’ve seen what can occur when powerful women team up, swap secrets, and give one another the support they need to make a big career move.

When I started Multitasky, my e-commerce brand, those were quite the early days. I was up until 4 AM each night, teaching myself everything from web design to packaging to outsourcing. When I got Multitasky off the ground, I knew I wanted to help entrepreneurs that are currently super confused. Launching a business is a lot, and any help an entrepreneur can get can make their life way easier (and their business grow faster).

That’s why my view on inspiring female entrepreneurs isn’t that it’s a ‘nice thing to do.’ It’s something we have to do if, as women, we want to scale our businesses.

Why This is Important to Me

Before starting Multitasky, I worked in a corporate setting and as a freelance financial consultant for start-ups. When Multitasky started picking up, I noticed that it was tough to balance my time, and I found myself pouring 90% of my energy into my growing e-commerce business. Being the founder of Multitasky made multitasking take on a whole new meaning in my life.

I love the mission behind the Multitasky brand of supporting female go-getters and wanted to take this side of things one step further. That’s why I also moved into helping female communities source for and launch their e-commerce companies. This coaching, assistance, and mentorship are important because they show female entrepreneurs that you’re in their corner by giving them actionable advice. It’s a lot like “acts of service” from the love languages. You’re making their life easier by tangibly caring about their success. 
Supporting female entrepreneurs grow their business

Why We Need to Do More 

Even though there is a lot of good that’s going on in the female entrepreneurship world, we have a long way to go when it comes to giving real support to these women. Women often face the pressure of being one thing. Either they’re a mom or they’re a businesswoman. They’re an entrepreneur or a corporate worker. They’re a side-hustler or a boss babe. Whatever the word, many women are often forced to ‘choose their label.’

The honest truth is women can do it all. They just need people who consistently push them to realize their power and embrace a multi-hyphenate life. That’s the exact reason why I started Multitasky and why I’m so passionate about supporting women to throw out this need to commit to one label. 

The Barriers

Before we can start focusing on inspiring female entrepreneurs, we have to acknowledge some of the barriers that stand in their way. Besides the obvious societal barriers (looking at you, pay gap), women often feel the need to nurture and care instead of pursuing a big professional dream.

Because of this, women may try to fit into a box of one label instead of feeling empowered to be more than one thing. These mindset barriers 100% hold women back, and I’m trying to break them every day by shouting from the rooftops, ‘YOU CAN BE MORE THAN ONE THING!’

We need to celebrate your multi-talented nature. 

Multitasking as a female entrepreneur

How to Start Supporting

When it comes to inspiring female entrepreneurs, we need to think logically and emotionally. First of all, inspire the women entrepreneurs around you to apply for female entrepreneur grants. There is a discrepancy in funding between male and female entrepreneurs, but these grants even out the playing field and help you launch your business.

When you see them, you should also be posting resources for female entrepreneurs so the women in your network know that help is out there. Entrepreneurship can feel very lonely, so offering resources can often help other women seek the help they need to grow.

Lastly, support your network by doing the little things. Engage with them on social media, buy a product from them or share their launch content. Every little thing you do has a big impact.

Female entrepreneurs supporting each other

Why It Matters

Every woman who has started a business knows that it is no easy task. There are late nights, tough decisions, and strong emotions. By showing your support to a female entrepreneur whenever you can, you’re helping her weather these storms and realize that she’s not alone.

Supporting female entrepreneurs

How do you like supporting female entrepreneurs? Let me know in the comments! 

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