2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Multitasky

We can smell the fresh cookie and pine scented candles from a mile away because the holidays are coming up. And right now, you’re probably frantically searching for the perfect gifts for your favorite people.

We got you covered! At Multitasky, we have gifts for everyone on your list. Take a look at the holiday gift guide below, then cross gift shopping off of your to-do list. 

Gifts for the Multi-passionate entrepreneur

  1. Multi-Functional Mini Suitcase

First of all, she’s going to think this is adorable. Second of all, she could definitely use some extra on-the-go storage space, especially when she’s jet-setting to an in-person event. 

The perfect go-getter suitcase for female entrepreneurs

  1. Scribbler Desk Set

Handwriting big ideas is trending. Let the entrepreneur have her space to scribble down 3 AM ideas, take client notes and manifest her dreams. She deserves it. 

Scribbler desk set for productivity and motivation

  1. Multi-Tasker Workstation Set

At Multitasky, we stand for the optimized, non-boring workstation. This set will give a business owner everything she needs to roll up to her office in comfy PJ pants and crush her day. 

Work station set for the female entrepreneur

  1. Customizable Vegan Leather Multi-functional Laptop Bag

The laptop goes where she goes. Make sure it's protected with this stylish vegan leather laptop bag. It also doubles as a Vogue-approved purse so she can leave her designer bag at home. 

Laptop bag for the female entrepreneur on the go

  1. Vegan Leather Business Card Holder
    You never know when you’ll meet a dream client in the coffee shop line. This handy little holder lets her whip out her business card whenever a conversation has to continue in the future. 
Business card holder for the female entrepreneur

Gifts for the self-care guru

  1. Cute Motivational Sticky Notes

She loves hyping herself up with the best affirmations. Sticky notes let her wake up, write and embrace her daily journey. 

Motivational sticky notes for the female entrepreneur

  1. Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier

Your self-care lover is going to adore turning any space into a spa-like oasis. She’s taking the chill wherever she goes. 

Portable bottle humidifier for self-care on the go

  1. Mini Camera-Shaped Necklace Fan

Too hot? Never. Give this gift to the person on your list who’s always craving a breeze. It’s so subtle, people won’t even know it’s a crisp fall day for them in July. 

Camera-shaped necklace fan for the creator on the go

  1. Manifestation Box - The Society Gal x Multitasky

She has big plans for herself, and she 100% expects to relax while the universe helps her. Make it easy for her to put her dreams into the world so they can happen. 

Manifestation box for starting the new year right

  1. Macaron Cute Power Bank Duo / Hand Warmer with Mirror
    Part of self-care is limiting stress. This duo means your gift receiver never has to dread 1% or frigid winter days. An all-around win if you ask us. 
Macaron power bank for the female entrepreneur on the go

Gifts for the Homebody

  1. Ozone Odor Eliminator Egg -Refrigerator Odor Eliminator

No weird fridge smell? Yes, every time. This little egg makes kitchen freshness super easy. 

Odor eliminating egg for a clean kitchen

  1. Spa Designer Humidifier Lamp

She loves her comfort, so make her space ridiculously relaxing. This spa humidifier lamp brings the yoga studio vibes to her living room.

Humidifier lamp for self-care

  1. Glow Getter Candle Humidifier Lamp
    Make her house a dream-growing oasis. She’ll love the relaxation and remind herself to chase her glow daily. 
Candle humidifier lamp for inspiration

       4.Multitasking Floor Mop Slippers with Removable Sole
          Just wear them, walk and mop. These slippers were invented for the                      house lover who dislikes cleaning.
Floor mop slippers for cleaning and relaxation
      5. Extra-Long Lightning Phone Charger - Super Fast iPhone Charger                          (10   ft)
          Moving is rough, especially when you’re cozy in bed. Now she can                          charge up and keep scrolling -- distraction-free. 
    Lightning phone charger for the female entrepreneur on the go

    Gifts for the tech lover

    1. Creator On-Screen Kit - Multi-charging Self-Powered Portable Ring Light Set

      Our best-selling item! A must-gift if she creates content, does Zoom calls,      or  runs an online business. 

    Creator on screen kit for the productive content creator

    1. Traveler Power Bank/Hand Warmer
      Techies love their multi-purpose gadgets. Now, she can charge up and warm her fingers simultaneously.
    Traveler power bank for charging on the go
    3. Clampy Bendy Lamp
        No more darkness for her. Clip this anywhere and enjoy bright illumination      in the middle of the night.
      Adjustable desk lamp for the female entrepreneur
              4. Desktop Whiteboard Set
                  A logical thinker? Yes, she definitely needs a place to flowchart her                          brilliant ideas.
        Whiteboard set for staying motivated and productive all year long
                5. Multitasking Foldable Ring Light
                    If you have a more lowkey content creator on your hands, take the ring                  light set down a notch and give her this powerful, ‘basically a window’                    ring light. 
          Foldable ring light for the content creator on the go

          Gifts for men

          1. Ultimate Desk Pad
            He likes to keep his desk organized. The desk pad will make staying motivated and on-task way easier.
            Ultimate desk pad for the male entrepreneur
          2. Minimalist Foldable Desk Phone & iPad Stand
            Tech-lover? Minimalist? Phone user? He could use a phone stand. In just a minute, he’ll be taking Zoom calls hands-free. 
            Folding desk stand for him
                 3. Feel-Good Writing Set
                     Does he love to write? Sometimes the men in your life want a                                  computer break. Give them the freedom to jot down some brilliant                          ideas.
            Writing set for him
                 4. Transformable Vegan Leather Laptop Bag Set
                      He loves his laptop, but right now, it’s bouncing in a backpack. Give it                    some extra protection with this added layer.
            Laptop bag set for him
                  5. Multi-Magnet Duo Magnetic Clips
                      He’ll love the added ease these clips bring. He’ll never lose his                               charger or earbuds again with these magnets. 
              Magnet clips for the male entrepreneur

              Now that you feel good about your gifting skills, it’s time to treat yourself to some mulled wine. On behalf of the entire Multitasky team, have an amazing holiday season! We wish you lots of rest, laughter, and fun. Because we know when you come back in the New Year, you’ll be fired up to crush all of your goals. 


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